Thursday, December 27, 2007

Don't try this at work, people....

Okay, this one wins the year's biggest 'DUH' factor. A woman, specifically an aspiring romance novelist, was fired from her job when her boss got suspicious that she was typing too much (huh?) and had an IT tech look at her computer. They found her novel that she'd been working on as well as an email from a friend calling her work "a tawdry lust novel" (ACKKK...can you see my eyes rolling back in my head? That ranks right up there with the curse of "bodice ripper" and an insult to all romance writers. If one of my friends called my work they'd die, die I tell you!!! Good thing they're smarter than that). She tries to get out of it by saying that it didn't violate the "personal use" part of the company policy because she really didn't care who looked at her novel.


I don't know which is worse, this chick or the one that was blogging about how much she hated her job....WHILE SHE WAS AT WORK! I don't even think a good smack upside the head would help these two they're so far gone into stupid land. They rank right up there in intelligence with the teachers and school administrators who get busted for having porn on their school computers. Now THAT takes brains.

Okay, listen up people:

rule #1: don't ever put anything personal on your work computer.
rule #2: If you do put something personal on your computer -- TAKE IT OFF!

If you remember nothing else, remember these two rules. Misuse of the computer is near the top on list of reasons employers fire their employees. And don't even think about whining "I'm getting my work done so what's the big deal?" Helloooo, you're being paid to work, not slam the people signing your paycheck, shithead. If you don't like your job, find another one. If you want to write, do it on your lunch hour on your own laptop. If you can't afford a laptop, use a pen and a piece of paper for cripes sake. QUIT YER BITCHING AND USE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN!!!

Like Happy Bunny says..."Make the stupid people shut up" because if they don't, they need to get off my planet.

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