Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Usually it's Sharron who is a stickler with Customer Service, but today, it's my turn to rant.

Pinnacle Security - DO NOT USE THEM

We changed from ADT to Pinnacle in June of 2007 after my frugal sensibility saw a lower monthly cost than what I was paying and blinded me to what amounted to nothing more than a fast, hard sales pitch of the company and their services. I can't say we've been happy with the system, but I guess we haven't been unhappy with it either, it's just...there. I'd like to say I'm confident that if some Hannibal Lechter type got the munchies in the middle of the night and decided to break in, some omnipotent voice would come over the security system announcing "Are you alright? Help is on the way" like in the corny commercial, but some part of me is afraid I'd become dinner before the police would actually show up (unless they happen to already be at the neighbors...which is entirely possible since they are there almost daily...but I digress).

My uncertainty was reinforced today when I called Pinnacle to get a replacement sensor that fell off the door and disappeared only to find out that THEY SOLD MY ACCOUNT TO ANOTHER COMPANY!!!! In January of 2008!!!! Without notifying me! I have no idea who this new company is but they now have all my personal information...name, SS#, credit card account, passwords....WTF?

I've written a particularly stern letter of complaint to Pinnacle telling them I want out of my three year contract without penalty because I consider this a severe breach of my privacy. They could've at the very least notified they were going to sell my account -- and subsequent personal information-- to someone else. I'm sure they will argue, stating it's in the contract in tiny, unreadable, complicated legal-eeeze that they have the right to sell an account at anytime and without any prior notice WHICH IS COMPLETE, UNETHICAL BULLSHIT! I intend to copy the BBB on it (and if I have to, the Attorney General). I'll keep you up to date on what I hear. I'm not hopeful....but I'm still extremely pissed off!


Cathy in AK said...

Holy cow, that is unbelievable! A little head's up would have been nice. The bastids.

See, this is why we have dogs. At the very least, the noise of their exuberant greeting of Hannibal Lechter as he trips over their "pet ME first" antics would give us time to get out of the house.

Amy Jandrey said...

I used to think that too until my brother-in-law's house was robbed after they slipped their black lab a tranquilizer before breaking in. It took the dog almost three days before he was back to normal from whatever they'd given him.

Jodie W. said...

You need Rangeman Security! lol

That's my way of easing into the fact that I'm totally off-topic but didn't have anywhere else to leave you this comment.

I was checking out your web site (I'm stealing all the ideas I can from everyone I know) and I saw your list of favorite authors (I' not on there! lol). Anyway, I saw your comment about being a Joe fan and I wanted to let you know we're once again on the same page.

I had realy waivered (like Stephanie) between the two. One book I'd like Ranger the next Joe. But Joe won my heart forever in Fearless Fourteen when he was wiring her with the mike.

When he said, "If anything happened to you, I'd be so detroyed they'd have to strap me to a bed and feed me through a tube." I just about cried! Ranger might go shoot someone, but he wouldn't be destroyed and that totally made me fall head over heels in love with Morelli.

Go Joe!!!!

Oh, and keep me posted on the security system thing. That's crazy!

Jodie W. said...

Geez, Louise. Maybe I'm not on your list of fav authors because I have fifty-five freaking typos in a single post!